OpenID needs more consumer sites

After my recent rant regarding single sign on I thought I’d look in to OpenID. For starters I found a couple of useful videos on you tube…

Quick overview…

…and a more in depth beginners lecture…

Ok, if you watched them both your all clued up, well at the least to the same level as me.

I really like the OpenID concept. For me, going to a single site (your OpenID provider) and being able to see all the sites that consume your ID is just as great as only having to remember one password. Unfortunately all the big providers like Yahoo are only providers and don’t yet* consume (i.e allow users to log in to their own services, such as Yahoo mail) OpenIDs themselves. I understand the challenges that integrating OpenID in to existing membership\user systems would cause but if OpenID is going to succeed this is a must. I’m tempted to say sites shouldn’t become OpenID providers if they cant consume OpenID themselves but this seems really short sighted given the exposure OpenID has got from Yahoo becoming a provider.

* I’m aware that Yahoo intend to consume OpenID across their services some time in the future… hopefully sooner than later


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